Flexible Pavement (FP) Division

Kerala has an extensive road network, a portion of which is managed by the PWD. Most of these roads being flexible pavements, it is vital to focus our attention on this area. The Flexible Pavement Division in KHRI recognises the thrust areas concerning failure investigation of pavements and problem-solving. Research is one of the prime activities of the division to find alternative and viable solutions to field issues. The division also has a state-of-the-art testing facility called the 'Flexible Pavement (FP) Laboratory' to conduct various material tests.


Flexible Pavement (FP) Laboratory

The Flexible Pavement (FP) Laboratory is equipped with advanced testing equipment to determine the quality of road construction materials. Various tests on pavement materials like bitumen, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate etc., are conducted with utmost quality control as per the relevant standards. Pre-construction testing includes material property testing, bituminous mix design etc. Post-construction testing includes pavement evaluation by roughometer survey, structural evaluation, core sampling, binder content determination, etc.



Test Rates