The following levels of training are imparted to the department through the training facility at KHRI:

Induction Training for Newly Recruited Engineers

A newly recruited engineer is admitted directly to the State Training Centre (STC), PWD and given at least one month-long residential training.

Attachment Training

After completing induction training, Engineers are provided further training sessions by posting them as attachments to the Assistant Engineers office in various segments like the Road section, Buildings section, Bridges section, Special buildings section, National Highway section, Design wing and KHRI.


Refresher Training

It is the training provided to all the engineers in the department on new trends, advancements in technology etc., at regular intervals.

Advance Training Programmes

As a pivotal point between industries and academies, KHRI acts as a think tank to solve their technical issues by carrying out pilot projects and consulting academic institutions/ industrial experts if required. The knowledge and expertise gained from these projects with the solutions to these problems are then well documented. Subsequently, this knowledge is shared with the other working engineers through advanced training programmes to equip them to carry out the design, estimation and execution of similar projects.

Training for Engineers during Promotion or Transfer

Similar to induction training, engineers promoted to higher posts or transferred to another institution may be given training extensively before posting to various offices.

Training for Administrative Staff and Overseers

Once in induction, administrative staff and overseers are trained for a minimum period of one week.

Training for Contractors/ Students

KHRI may provide training for Contractors/ Students charging a fee for availing of training.

Certified courses in association with other organisations/institutions- related to Concrete Structures– ICI, ACI, IITs etc.

This activity focuses on certification courses for imparting knowledge and skills in a specific area related to concrete structures. These may be beneficial to practitioners and students to improve their competence. Partnership with other institutions would bring multi-faceted training content and delivery with high professional standards to the beneficiaries.

Training programmes for private & other engineering departments

Faculty and students of engineering colleges and personnel from other engineering departments may avail training to identify recent trends and advancements in the relevant field.