Concrete & Structures (C&S) Division

Concrete and Steel are the building blocks of all Civil Engineering structures and are the most commonly used man-made materials. On account of their durability and formability, they continue to dominate all construction activities. The Concrete & Structures (C&S) Division in KHRI works on tapping the undiscovered potential of these materials using extensive research studies through a dedicated wing of researchers. The division is actively involved in Pilot Projects. Inspection of existing RCC and Steel structures through NDT is its other role. The division also has a well-equipped testing laboratory called the 'Concrete and Structures' Laboratory.


Concrete & Structures (C&S) Laboratory

The Concrete & Structures (C&S) Laboratory is equipped with modern testing equipment to determine the quality of building materials. The lab offers various tests on cement, hardened and fresh concrete, bricks, paver blocks, solid and hollow blocks, steel bars etc., according to Indian and International standards. It also performs concrete mix designs of required properties and strength as proposed by the client. 



Test Rates