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The Kerala Highway Research Institute (KHRI) in association with IIT Madras, has been successfully organising a series of technical webinars with about 500 civil engineers from across the country attending every lecture. The KHRI Webinar series is scheduled from 7 to 8 PM every day.  

This webinar series aims to disseminate information on the various innovations, good construction practices and conservation strategies to the practising civil engineers.  Each session consists of a speaker and two to three experts as panel members to promote discussion. With the support from the Public Works Department, Government of Kerala, these webinars are open to the first 500 to join on a first-come, first-served basis.

The sessions are presented by subject experts from both premier national institutes and Industries. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with eminent panellists from both industry and academics. Depending on the availability of time, the audience will be given a chance to interact with the presenter and the panellists during the discussion.

The schedule of the programme and the registration link is given below.

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Upcoming Webinars


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Past Webinars

No.DateTitlePresenterLink to Presentation
110/04/2020Pavement Design using IRC:37 – 2018Dr. C. V. Veena Venudharan, Assistant Professor, IIT PalakkadView
211/04/2020Sustainable Solutions for Flexible PavementsEr. T K Subhaash, Technical Head, Hindustan ColasView
313/04/2020Ways to Build Corrosion Resstant Concrete Structures – Part 1Dr Radhakrishna G Pillai, Associate Professor, IIT Madras
415/04/2020Ways to Build Corrosion Resstant Concrete Structures – Part 2Dr Radhakrishna G Pillai, Associate Professor, IIT MadrasView
517/04/2020Performance based SpecificationsDr. Manu Santhanam, Professor, IIT MadrasView
618/04/2020Introduction to Quality Control ManualEr. Baiju P.B, Assistant Executive Engineer, Kerala PWD
719/04/2020Quality Control for Construction Works : Challenges and SolutionsDr K Balasubramanian, Former Deputy Director, CSIR-SERC
822/04/2020Introduction to Performance Grade BitumenEr. T K Subhaash, Technical Head, Hindustan ColasView
923/04/2020Injection Grouting for Concrete RepairShri. S Seshadri, Consultant, BASFView
1024/04/2020Performance based Specification for Concrete in Public Works – Challenges and Way ForwardDr. Dhanya B S, Associate Professor, RIT, KottayamView
1124/04/2020Pavement Construction Machinery – Part 1 : Asphalt PlantsEr. K.Saravanakumar, Senior Regional Manager – South, Ammann Apollo India Pvt Ltd
1225/04/2020Achieving Concrete Durability: Beliefs, Myths and RealityDr. K. Sivakumar, Deputy General Manager, L&T ConstructionView
1325/04/2020Design of Sustainable Rigid Pavements: An FRC ExperienceDr. Sunitha K Nayar, Assistant Professor, IIT PalakkadView
1426/04/2020Superplasticizers and their Use in Indian Climate ConditionsDr. Elson John, Associate Professor, MACE, KothamangalamView
1527/04/2020Corrosion Inhibitors to Enhance Service LifeDr. K. Jayachandran, Assistant Professor, NIT CalicutView
1628/04/2020Road Construction & Rehabilitation TechnologiesEr. Sanjay Bajaj, AVP-Business Development , WIRTGEN INDIA Pvt. Ltd.
1728/04/2020Recycled Aggregates for Sustainable Road ConstructionDr. Surender Singh, Assistant Professor, IIT MadrasView
1829/04/2020Bituminous Mix Design : Part 1Dr. Syam Nair, Assistant Professor, IIT KanpurView
1929/04/2020Introduction to PWD Quality Control Manual – Part 2Er. Baiju P.B, Assistant Executive Engineer, Kerala PWD
2030/04/2020Bituminous Mix Design : Part 2Dr. Syam Nair, Assistant Professor, IIT KanpurView
2130/04/2020Shrinkage-Induced Distress/Cracks and RemediesDr. Piyush Chausali, Assistanat Professor, IIT MadrasView
2201/05/2020Load Testing of BridgesEr. Vinay Gupta, Chief Executive Officer,, Tandon Consultants Pvt.Ltd & President Indian Concrete InstituteView
2301/05/2020Fundamentals of Soil StabilisationDr. Syam Nair, Assistant Professor, IIT KanpurView
2401/05/2020Health Monitoring of Structures through Instrumentation – Part 1Er.G.K Sahu, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-CRRIView
2502/05/2020What is ISO 17025:2017 and Why you should implement it in your lab?Er. Gopalkrishnan.E, Head Advanced Diagnostic
Lab, Dr. Fixit Institute of Structural Protection and Rehabilitation
2602/05/2020Case Studies on Ground Improvement and InstrumentationEr. U.K.Guruvittal , Chief Scientist,, CSIR-CRRIView
2702/05/2020Recent Advances in Repair and Rehabilitation of Civil InfrastructureDr S. Suriya Prakash, Associate Professor, IIT HyderabadView
2804/05/2020Pumping of Concrete : Challenges & Way
Dr. Prakash Nanthagopalan, Associate Professor, IIT BombayView
2905/05/2020Challenges in Design & Construction of World's Tallest Rail BridgeEr. SAIBABA ANKALA , Chief Engineer, Indian Railways
3006/05/2020Cathodic Protection of Concrete StructuresDr Radhakrishna G Pillai, Associate Professor, IIT MadrasView
3107/05/2020Slip Form PavementsEr. Charmanna, Dy. General Manager, WIRTGEN INDIA Pvt. Ltd.View
3208/05/2020Rehabilitation of Highway Bridges - Case StudiesEr. Vivek Naik, Managing Director, Past President, Indian Concrete InstituteView
3309/05/2020Concrete Mixes - Bridging the GapEr. Sivakumar, Managing Director, ICOMAT, Chennai
3411/05/2020Worldwide experience on saving corroding concrete bridges by cathodic protectionEr. Liao Haixue, Business Development Manager- Asia, , Vector Corrosion, CanadaView
3512/05/2020Strengthening of Concrete Structures using External Post-TensioningDr S. Suriya Prakash, Associate Professor, IIT HyderabadView
3613/05/2020Slipform Paving - Part 2 - Quality ControlEr. Charmanna BB, Dy. General Manager, WIRTGEN INDIA Pvt. Ltd.
3714/05/2020Controlled Demolition of Structures and Recycling of DebrisEr. Mohan Ramanathan, Managing Director, Advanced Construction Technologies, Chennai
3815/05/2020Preloading Techniques for Ground Improvement
Dr. Robinson R G, Professor, IIT MadrasView
3916/05/2020Introduction to the Application of Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering Projects
Dr. Rajagopal K, Professor, IIT MadrasView
4020/05/2020Modern Surveying Techniques in Civil Engineering - Field Applications & Case StudiesEr. Amit Saxena, Regional Sales Manager – SAARC, Trimble Navigation
4121/05/2020Engineers and Heritage ConservationDr. Arun Menon, Associate Professor, IIT MadrasView
4222/05/2020Asphalt-Rubber Pavement Systems: Emphasis on Performance-based Designs and SustainabilityDr. Krishna P Biligiri , Associate Professor, IIT Tirupati
4323/05/2020Analysis of Pile Foundations under Earthquake: Case StudiesDr. Subhadeep Banerjee, Associate professor, IIT Madras
4425/05/2020Site Mix Concrete vs Ready Mix ConcreteEr. Shelly Fernandez, Managing Director, Qcrete Ready Mix( India) Pvt. Ltd
4526/05/2020Distress Diagnosis of Concrete BridgesDr. Lakshmy Parameswaran, Chief Scientist, CSIR-CRRI
4627/05/2020Need to Seed the "Responsibility Concept"in the Largest Repair Industry - India Pepective.Dr. Surendra Manjrekar
, Honorary Member, American Concrete Institute
4728/05/2020Structural Integrity & Capacity of Pile Foundations by NDT Methods - Part1Er.Ravikiran Vaidya, Principal Engineer, Geo Dynamics, Mumbai
4829/05/2020Pervious Concrete Pavement Systems: Futuristic Designs and Sustainable Construction PracticesDr. Krishna P Biligiri , Associate Professor, IIT Tirupati
4930/05/2020Ground Improvement and Pavement Stabilization Techniques for Road Embankments on Soft SoilEr. Minimol Korulla, Head -Strategic Projects & Initiatives, Maccaferri
5003/06/2020Building Competence over a Lifetime..Dr. C.V.R Murty, Institute Chair Professor, IIT Madras
5104/06/2020Ground Improvement and Pavement Stabilization Techniques for Road Embankments on Soft Soil - Part 2Er. Minimol Korulla, Head -Strategic Projects & Initiatives, Maccaferri
5206/06/2020Cement Manufacturing Process & Quality ControlDr. Manikandan R, Head - Technical, South Region, ACC Cements
5309/06/2020Structural Evaluation of Flexible Pavement using Benkelman Beam Deflectometer and Falling Weight DeflectometerDr. Anush K, Assistant Professor, IIT Bhubaneswar
5411/06/2020Structural Integrity & Capacity of Pile Foundations by NDT Methods - Part 2Er.Ravikiran Vaidya, Principal Engineer, Geo Dynamics, Mumbai
5513/06/2020Flexural Strengthening of Concrete Structures using FRP CompositesDr S. Suriya Prakash, Associate Professor, IIT Hyderabad
5620/06/2020Forensic Investigation of Highway PavementDr Gourab Saha, Research Manager, L &T Construction
5727/06/2020Holistic Management of Construction & Demolition Waste in Delhi NCR by IL&FS EnvironmentEr. Shajahan Ali, Vice President (Environment) , I L & F S
5804/07/2020Latest Technology in Bridge Deck Waterproofing – Global practices and ExperienceMr. Adrian Pike, Vice President – EMMA Region, USL International (An RPM Company)
5911/07/2020Galvanized Steel Rebars for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance in RC StructuresDr. M.S. Haji Sheik Mohammed, Professor of Civil Engineering & Dean – Academic Affairs, B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and technology
6018/07/2020Polymer Science and Manufacturing of GeosyntheticsDr. Dali Naidu Arnepalli, Associate Professor, IIT Madras
6125/07/2020Innovations in Bridge Designs in IndiaEr . P.G. Venkataram, Chief Technology Officer, L&T Infrastructure
6201/08/2020Protective Coatings for Concrete StructuresShri. Ravichandran S, Senior Manager, Protective Coatings, Berger Paints India
6308/08/2020Selection of Repair/Waterproofing Materials to Counteract CorrosionEr. Samir Surlaker
, Strategy Consultant
, Assess Build Chem Private Limited

6415/08/2020Role of Ethics in Civil Engineering ProfessionProf. N Krishnamurthy, Safety Consultant and Trainer, Singapore, Singapore
6522/08/2020Recent Advances in Repair & Rehabilitation Technology for Bridges
Dr Harshavardhan Subbarao, Chairman & Managing Director, Construma Consultancy Pvt Ltd.
6629/08/2020Precast Concrete Construction for Buildings and Way Forward for IndiaProf. N. Raghavan, Professor of Practice, IIT Madras
6705/09/2020Air Pollution due to Road Traffic and its Health ImpactsDr. Anuradha Shukla,, Former Chief Scientist, CSIR-CRRI
6812/09/2020Cold-Formed Steel Construction for HousingDr.Arul Jayachandran, Professor, IIT Madras
6921/09/2020Where is the Construction Industry Headed?Dr. Santosh Prasannan, Adjunct Faculty, IIT Madras, and Abu Dhabi University
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